Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #15: A Thankful Heart

This week's Homeschool Memoirs asks us to list 27 things we're thankful for.

1. My husband and kids
2. Living pretty close to both sets of grandparents, my sister and her family, and one of my grandmas
3. Wonderful friends
4. My husband's stable job
5. Homeschooling
6. My laptop computer (even though it's on the fritz right now!)
7. Book, books, and more books
8. The upcoming Christmas season (my favorite time of year)
9. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate
10. A good church to attend
11. A warm home (the heat is finally fixed)
12. The Internet - the Internet makes homeschooling so much easier!
13. A sunny day
14. Music (especially Christmas, at the moment)
15. Magazines
16. My whirlpool bath tub
17. Thanksgiving meals (I get 2!)
18. Pumpkin pie
19. Trees - even though they are bare now, there are so many of them by my house, the landscape still looks lovely
20. The Bible
21. A good night's sleep, more than one night in a row!
22. Writing. I love to write, in most any genre. Even blogging is fun.
23. Paper and pens
24. My fireplace
25. The variety of seasons
26. Email - so much easier to keep in touch with people
27. Seeing how great my kids get along with each other!


SmallWorld at Home said...

I say DITTO to your whole list, except I don't have a whirlpool tub and our fireplace hasn't worked in 4 years (it's gas and last on the priority list)!

Marci Johnson said...

Our fireplace also was out of commission for a long time. We just got it fixed recently, during the time when our heat was broken!