Friday, January 9, 2009

A Day in the Life

My day today has gone SO not as planned, I just had to share it. The plan was to drop my kids off at my parent's house today for free babysitting, so that I could finish up an application I'm doing for a writing retreat for this summer, which is due in a few days. Instead, I woke up to yet another winter storm (we've had more than our fair share this winter), complete with dangerous driving conditions. So driving 45 minutes to drop the kids off was out of the question. It was already snowing pretty hard when we got up, despite the fact that the winter storm wasn't supposed to start for a few more hours.

Pretty soon after getting up, I noticed that I only had a few diapers left. So after breakfast I bundled up the kids and we went out to the local grocery store to pay a high price for diapers, since driving 30 minutes to get to a Walmart or Target, where diapers are reasonably priced, was out of the question. We stopped at the local video store/laundromat/Radio Shack (don't ask) to rent a couple videos, since the storm is supposed to last for the next 24 hours. The roads were nasty, but we drove slow and didn't have any trouble. Everyone else drove slow too, since we're used to snow here. However, the bad part about this little trip out was that I appear to have lost a fifty dollar bill somewhere during it. I'm imagining it buried beneath a bunch of snow in the grocery store parking lot. Sometime this spring when the snow melts some lucky person will find it.

So we made it home and the kids watched one of the movies while I did some cleaning. Then, as I was making lunch, Matthew fell and bumped his mouth and managed to cut his lip pretty well with his teeth. Once I was able to see through all the blood, I noticed that all his teeth were still there, so that was a plus. Much crying ensued, and wiping of blood, and administering of tylenol, and wondering about calling the doctor. The blood stopped pretty quickly, and after about an hour he was able eat some soft foods like yogurt and applesauce.

So now with Matthew sleeping and Lucy playing quietly with her sewing box, I'm ready to tackle that application. Or maybe not. Maybe ready for a nap myself. I'm hoping the rest of the day is very quiet uneventful.

Oh, and when I was putting Matthew to bed, I noticed a whole unopened box of diapers in his close!

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SmallWorld at Home said...

Oh, ouch! Some days are just best spent at home in bed...