Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Voting with Kids

If you're like me and your homeschool and/or have small children at home, you may find it necessary to take the kids with you when you vote. I've taken Lucy with me since we started homeschooling last year, and I think it's made her much more aware of the whole election phenomenon. She's fascinated with the process this year, probably since electing a president is so much more dramatic to her than the typical fare on the ballots in our small town here, things like village president, school board, etc. And so I'm thinking we'll do a short elections unit this month. Here's a website I found that encourages people to bring their kids with them when they vote, and also has some good resources for kids. Check it out: Take Your Kids to Vote. The Enchanted Learning website also has some great resources, though you have to be a member to access many of their printables. The good news is, the membership fee is very small (I think maybe $30 for the year) and definitely worth it. I print out things from this website to supplement nearly every subject we study.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

We just started learning about the election process today. We read a great book. Sorry, but I'm too lazy tonight to go over to the schoolroom and find out what it is, but I will tomorrow!