Monday, October 13, 2008

The Funny Things Toddlers Say

I just love the funny things that toddlers say. Here are some of Matthew's funniest:

-"Happy Matthew Day" (instead of Happy Birthday)
-"Me crying"
-"Mac-a-poo-bus" (Magic School Bus)
-"Oh no, 8:00!"
-"Me want more poems"
-"Me pick you up" (when he wants to be picked up)
-"Me show me" (when he wants to show me something)
-"Me wear skull"
-"Me say alphabet -- E, F, F, 2, V, A"
-"Me be temporary"
-"Me want pomegranate"
-"No throwing mama"


SmallWorld at Home said...

Thank you for the link to your cookbook! I am going to peruse it this evening!

Rebecca said...

SOOO cute!! Just makes me want to squeeze him. I love the one about him picking you up!