Tuesday, October 21, 2008


While we normally use the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling, now and then we take a week off from that and do a week of unschooling. If you don't know what unschooling is, look at this website, or Google it to find lots more information. But basically it's learning that's completely child-directed. The parent functions primarily as a facilitator, helping the child to find things related to their interests.

I'm always amazed by how much Lucy learns during these unschooling weeks. Here's an example of what she did during a recent week off:

1. Read two classic books: Cinderella, and The BFG, by Roald Dahl
2. Created a Vivaldi notebook page
3. Made a garden in the driveway, which involved dumping a bunch of dirt in the driveway and planting weeds and nuts in it.
4. Played with Legos a lot
5. Made a pioneer journal
6. Invented a game which involved me hiding addition flashcards and her answering them when she found them.
7. Figured out that she already new her times 10 and times 11 facts


SmallWorld at Home said...

We are definitely having an unschooling week. I was planning on taking off the last 2 days but got word that my parents are coming in earlier than expected. So school this week means baking, cleaning, gardening, mowing, and decorating. Definitely a home ec kind of week!

Marci Johnson said...

You're having a life-skills learning week! I love that I can teach so many more things like that to my kids, with them not in school all day! People are always amazed at how much my 8-year old daughter is capable of doing around the house.

Rebecca said...

I especially love no. 6 and no. 7 Lucy is so cool!