Monday, March 29, 2010

Meal Plan Monday: March 29

My time in the kitchen has gotten much more complicated lately, ever since I decided to make everything I possibly can from scratch. This seems like a good way to bypass any unwanted, unnatural ingredients. But it's also immensely satisfying. I feel proud of myself for being able to make my own ketchup and salad dressings, and for trying more and more difficult recipes. And there's just something about using my hands, making things for myself that makes me happy. Why is that? I don't know!

Anyway, I've been spending a lot of time on either Saturday or Sunday baking and cooking for the week. This past Saturday I made homemade butter and buttermilk, deviled eggs (Lucy and I like to snack on them), homemade ice cream, and homemade bread (well, in the bread machine, so that was pretty easy.

Here's the menu for the week:

SUNDAY: went out for dinner and a movie with girl friends

MONDAY: pastured, local chicken dipped in homemade buttermilk then dredged in homemade bread breadcrumbs and fried in olive oil, served with brown sugar carrots and broccoli

TUESDAY: pasta with homemade sauce, salad with homemade dressing, bread from the breadmaker

WEDNESDAY: leftovers

THURSDAY: Pasta with Garlicky Roasted Broccoli (a new recipe), salad, bread

FRIDAY: Chicken with Pecan Crust, corn pudding, mashed potatoes

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