Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday: Jan. 11

Here's my Meal Plan Monday for this week. This is a loose plan, which I always end up changing a bit as the week goes on.

SUNDAY: Leftover homemade chicken soup that I ended up making on Saturday night, with homemade bread from the breadmaker.

MONDAY: Chicken Salad: chicken breaded with egg and panko and fried in olive oil, put over lettuce with blue cheese, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, red onion, and a homemade vinaigrette. Serve with homemade Amish Cinnamon Bread. I received a starter batch for this bread from my sister. Boy is it delicious!

TUESDAY: Having dinner at a friend's house.

WEDNESDAY: Southeast Asian Stir Fried Rice. This is a new recipe I'm going to try out.

THURSDAY: Probably leftovers of the above fried rice. If there's not enough of that left, we'll have breakfast for dinner.

FRIDAY: Out to eat on a date with my husband. My parents are taking the kids for the whole weekend, so we'll most likely eat out on Saturday as well.

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