Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekly Report: Week of Jan. 25

I've been busy cleaning my house for a bunch of showings, and also not feeling well with sinus troubles, so I haven't been updating much lately. But here's what we did last week.

MATH - Math U See, Lucy finished memorizing the x9s quickly. 9s went more quickly than the other times tables we've done so far, because of the cool patterns they make. We started on x3.

SPELLING - This week's Spelling Wisdom was tricky. We're still working on spelling "concerns" and "people" correctly.

NARRATION - We didn't do narration this week. For some reason, I don't feel very inspired to do narration with Lucy. I just ordered a new writing curriculum that includes written narration, called Imitation in Writing, which is based on Aesop's fables. We'll see if that inspires me to do more.

LATIN - Learned 6 new vocabulary words from Lesson #4 in Prima Latina. I'm loving this Latin curriculum so far. It's not too intense for Lucy's age -- just 6 vocabulary words a lesson, plus a line of a prayer. (We're learning the Sanctus right now.) We can usually fit in a 1/2 a lesson a week, so we take 2 weeks to learn all the words. Even at that pace, we should finish the book by the end of the year. I also like that the book includes English words that derive from our Latin vocabulary words, and it also talks about some grammar basics.

GRAMMAR - Language Lessons for the Elementary Child: possessive nouns. We also did some extra adjective practice, and a bit about prefixes from our Spectrum 3rd Grade Vocabulary book.

COPYWORK - Started copying "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost; continued to work on cursive in A Reason for Handwriting. We got a new book called Lessons in Manners for Copywork, which for some reason Lucy was so excited about, she had to start using right away!

SCIENCE - We researched cats, and then Lucy dictated a 2 paragraph mammals report to me. She gets very impatient with writing longer pieces, since she can't write as fast as she'd like to, neatly.

ART - Homeschool art class was canceled this week because the teacher was sick. Lucy got out some canvas and acrylics and painted on her own. Also we read a chapter from The Art Book for Children.

MUSIC - We continued to listen to the music of Handel, and Lucy practiced some, but we're finding it hard to remember to practice daily.

HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY - We read about the Assyrians in The Story of the World: Ancient Civilizations. Did some mapwork and coloring associated with that. Did our Africa and the Middle East jigsaw puzzle.

READ ALOUDS - Story about Balaam from the Bible; "The Mermaid," Hans Christian Andersen; a few poems from A Child's Garden of Verses; a chapter from The Storybook of Science.

LUCY READ - A biography of Juliette Low (the founder of Girl Scouts); Tut Tut, Jon Scieszka; Once a Mouse, Marcia Brown; Tom Thumb, Richard Jesse Watson; One Grain of Rice, Demi

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Thank you for sharing your lesson plan. This is really helpful and will help me to set a lesson plan of my own.