Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekly Report

This was an unusual week, because we were away visiting friends until Wednesday. Lucy had tons of playdates, and we also got to have a private tour of Fermi Lab, a particle accelerator locate in Batavia, IL. We saw scientists at work, learned all sorts of interesting things about the experiments they do there, and got to play with some machines at the education center. We saw the control room for the new accelerator in Switzerland (which is currently controlled from Fermi Lab). We also attended the lab's afternoon snack time, where we were informed that we were in a room with several noble laureates!

Here's the schoolwork we did the rest of the week:

MATH - Math U See, multiplying by 9; x9 flashcards

SPELLING - our Spelling Wisdom dictation this week was a poem from Robert Louis Stevenson, "It is very nice to think/the world is full of meat and drink/with little children saying grace/in every Christian kind of place."

NARRATION - from Aesop's Fables

LATIN - continued practicing our vocabulary words and the line from our prayer that we started working on last week, in Prima Latina

GRAMMAR - Language Lessons for the Elementary Child, by Sandi Queen: homophones, using to-too-two, and writing an acrostic

SCIENCE - researched mammals, organized ideas for a report on mammals

ART - homeschool art class

MUSIC - practiced the piano, also Lucy started writing her own classical composition!

READ ALOUDS - chapter from The Story of Science, by Jean Henri Fabre; piece from The Story of the Orchestra, by Robert Levine; The Art Book for Children; started "The Mermaid," by Hans Christian Andersen

LUCY READ - Among the Forest People, by Clara Dillingham Pierson; The Adventures of Johnny Chuck, by Thornton Burgess

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Brandon Barr said...

How are you liking Conrad's Heart of Darkness? I read that a few years ago...that one infamous line still haunts me...but in case you haven't gotten to it yet, I won't say it.