Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quiet Time

As a mother it's hard to find a bit of quiet time during the day, whether you're homeschooling or not. And I don't know about you, but I find that I absolutely must have some time to myself, preferably every day, in order to be a happy mommy. With just one child, this was easy to do during afternoon naptime. But with two, things get more complicated. Often Lucy and I have to do some school things during Matthew's nap time, when we're not distracted by how funny and cute he is!

So, despite not being a morning person at all, I've actually been setting my alarm and getting up an hour or two before my kids. It is hard -- nearly impossible -- to drag myself out of bed, usually before the sun has fully risen, and I won't fool you, the first few minutes are pretty awful. But once I sit down at my desk with my cup of hot chocolate (wishing desperately that I liked coffee), in the perfectly quiet house, I'm loving it! Usually I read my Bible and write in my journal, and if I've gotten up early enough, I spend some time working on whatever project I'm in the midst of (right now, revising a novel I wrote years ago).

Somehow, whenever I get up early the rest of the day goes so much better. I feel more calm and centered (and thus more patient with the kids), more in balance, and less worried about how I'll find time to read my Bible and write once the day gets busy. Try it for yourself! You might like it!


SmallWorld at Home said...

I absolutely love my morning time. My husband has been getting up at 6:15 this fall to swim 3 times/week before work, so I've insisted that he get me up, as well. I am amazed at how much better my days go when I have a couple extra hours in the morning. And the amazing thing is that I don't feel any more sleepy at all during the day.

Marci Johnson said...

Yes, I don't feel any more sleepy during the day either. In fact, it seems like most days I actually feel less tired! I think the quiet time really energizes me.