Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'd been reading a lot of homeschooling blogs lately, and I kept coming across something called "notebooking." Now, I had never heard this term before, so I did what I always do when I need to find information: I Googled it. And boy am I ever happy that I did. It appears that notebooking is actually a lot like scrapbooking, only instead of putting family photos in a scrapbook, your child makes a scrapbook of things he or she is learning about. For example, Lucy has been listening to and learning about the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi over the last couple of weeks. So this week she created a notebooking page for him (left). We printed out a portrait of him, a picture of one of his composition, and a picture of the orphanage where he worked as a music teacher for many years (all found on Google images). Lucy pasted these on her paper, decorated the page, and wrote some things about his life that she remembered. And now we've got a creative record of what Lucy has learned. Lucy loves art and any sort of creative art projects, so she's thrilled with the addition of notebooking to our homeschool!

For a thorough explanation of notebooking, and some great free resources, visit Notebooking

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